Noha's Look

Noha Nabil is a unique and unconventional personality that has swayed the Arab region. Rising to fame by the age of nine, the confident young girl grew up as a poet and a television presenter with a profound appreciation for her culture. Speaking from the heart with no filter, she has instilled authenticity within every medium she tackles and progressively deepened her connection with her fans to this day. Noha chose to step out of the limelight and settle down with her family during her early twenties.


Noha’s make up line is infused by her deep appreciation for beauty & diversity in the Arab culture. Women enjoy pigment & intense colors that would shimmer and stay true against any climate condition. Products require the perfect balance of creamy, comfortable textures to withstand sunny, humid environments and produce long-lasting effects without smudging from the heat. Noha has crafted a special collection accessible for any woman to achieve the most beautiful results effortlessly.